We believe that a strong sense of shared values enables us to maintain a positive company culture and sense of community. 


We do so much more than create products. We create connections between people and communities around the world. An uncompromising commitment to quality, safety, and the environment are the foundation for all that we do. This commitment informs every decision, person, and product that passes through the halls at Market Connect.


Market Connect is committed to a sustainable future. Consideration for our environment informs every decision we make. 


Our corporate policies, factory remediation efforts, and product manufacturing processes are all guided by a commitment to minimize environmental impact and maximize sustainability. That commitment manifests itself through efforts to minimize water, energy, and materials wastage for every product we make.


Ethics is our top priority. Every product sold by Market Connect is made by individuals working in safe, clean, and fair working conditions.

Exhaustive on-site, third party inspections are conducted to ensure the compliance of each of our manufacturing partners.

It’s our way of putting our values into action and ensuring our customers can live their brand values.


We believe that we have a fundamental responsibility to help our clients and the communities we serve. From employee volunteerism to corporate giving, we use our resources to make a positive impact in local communities and cities nationwide. 


Market Connect actively seeks to use the most important asset we have – the expertise and commitment of our employees — to maximize the impact of our philanthropic investments and help our nonprofit partners better serve their communities.